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Help Topic: Setting up Video Interview Questions

This lesson explains how to set up Video Interview Questions.

Video Interview Templates consist of a series of questions that you will put to a Candidate and will typically apply to the following 2 scenarios:

  1. Internal Video Interview - Part of the internal registration process in which the questions are geared towards understanding the Candidate before any placements are sought for them.  This allows you to gauge the suitability and characteristics of the Candidate for internal review as part of the registration process.
  2. Client Video Interview - Part of a client based recruitment process whereby the Candidate can answer questions that have been determined and agreed between you and the client in assessing the suitability for a particular company or role.

To create a new Video Interview Template, logon to Tracker and go to

Tools & Settings > Resource Tools > Video Interviews Settings

In the Video Interview Settings page there are a couple of settings that control how Video Interviews will work within your system, along with a list of existing Templates.

The options available to you are:

  • "Make Video Interview Comments Visible to" - this settings controls who can see comments that have been left by either internal Tracker users, or external clients and there are 3 options.
  1. "Everyone" - this means that everyone, internally and externally can see comments left by everyone who has left a comment on a video interview
  2. "Reviewer Only" - this means that the user or client reviewing a video interview can only see their own comments and none left by anyone else
  3. "Internal Reviewers Only" - this means that external clients reviewing a video can only see their own comments, however internal users of Tracker will be able to see all comments left by both external clients and internal users.  This is the recommended option for this setting.
  • "Video Interview Expires After" - this setting allows you to set the length of time a video interview must be recorded before it expires.

To create a new template of questions, click the [+ New Template] button in the Video Interview Question Templates section where you will be presented with the "Video Interview Template" form.  This form contains the name and courtesy text for the interview as well as the list of questions you will create.

Start by giving this template list of questions a name, and provide 2 pieces of courtesy text, the first will be displayed before the interview begins (the Introduction Text) and the second will be displayed at the end of the interview when the candidate submits it (the Close Text).

When these 3 fields have been completed, you can start adding questions to the template to ask the candidates.

Click the [+ Question] button to add a question where you will be asked for the question itself and also the amount of time that the candidate has to answer that question.  The time can be anything from 1 second up to 3 minutes but we recommend around 30 seconds per question as a general rule.

When you are happy with the question, click the [Add] button to add this to the template.  Repeat the step above to add further questions to your interview template until all questions and timings are done.  If you want to change the order of the questions at any time, use the 3-dot drag bar to the left of the question to move it up or down the list to the desired place. Your template will look something like this.

Once all fields and questions have been completed, click [Ok] to save your template and close the window.  You can change the courtesy text and/or questions at anytime by clicking on the template in the templates list where this window will open again.

If you are creating a template for a particular client or role, the process is the same and may look something like this.