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Help Topic: Viewing all Video Interviews created

This lesson explains how to view all Video Interviews which have been created. 

To access Video Interviews, go to your name in the top, right hand corner of the screen and select Tools & Settings.  Go to the Collaboration section and click on the arrow next to Video Interviews.  If this isn't visible, you will need to ask your Administrator or Client Success Manager to add the privilege to your User Group


You will then see a list of all Video Interviews created on your system.  


Using the Filter Bar on the right enables you to search for a specific Candidate or Job, rather than scroll through all of the Interviews


Once an Interview has been Completed, you will see this in the Status column and you may then view the Video Interview by clicking on the Green 'Play button'.


If the Interview is no longer required, you may delete it by clicking the Dust Bin Icon on the right



For more information, please review the video below: