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Help Topic: Manually Send a Timesheet Approval Email

This lesson explains how to Manually Send and Timesheet Approval Email


1. Click Into Timesheets

  • Keep in mind that the timesheet will default to the current week, but you can easily change the dates by clicking into the date Period field

2. Resend the Timesheets Approval Email

  • Check the box next to the candidate's name that is pending approval
  • Click on the action button and select 'Submit Approvals by Email'
  • You will have an option for Group Approvals where you can send an email in bulk with all candidates copied on it or you can send an email individually 
  • Next you have the option to send Timesheet Approvals only, Expense Approvals Only, or both
  • Next you will select who to send the approval email to (it will automatically default to the Delivery Contact on the project)
  • You can select to send it to both the Delivery and Commercial Contact as long as both are assigned to someone in the project itself
  • Once you have made all of these selections you can hit 'Send Approvals'
  • You will then notice that the timesheet moves from pending to submitted

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