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Help Topic: Candidate Adds Time to a Timesheet for Clock-in Clock-out

This lesson explains how a Candidate Adds Time to a Timesheet for Clock-in Clock-out

*The candidate should have already received an email with their timesheet portal URL and username/password.

1. Login to Portal

  • Candidates will be able to view their timesheets and the the number of assignments/projects they have been added to once logged in (keep in mind that every database uses different language, so yours may not match exactly to this example)

2. Add Time to Tasks/Activities

  • Click on the 'Project' or 'Assignment' button
  • Select the week to add time entries to (it defaults to the current week but you can always switch it using the Left and Right arrows)
  • Candidates can add time by clicking into the box next to the activity/task
  • Candidates can also leave any necessary notes as they clock in or out
  • Candidates also have the option to enter any time for breaks taken throughout the day
  • Time should be entered daily, and saved after each entry
  • Once saved, you'll notice the time boxes are outlined in blue, meaning that the time is now Pending

3. Submit Timesheets for Approval

  • Click on the blue Submit for Approval button 
  • The candidate will receive a message prompting them to select the project/assignment to submit hours for
  • Once the candidate hits 'Ok' an auto-email will go out to the timesheet approver, who will then approve or deny the hours

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