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Help Topic: Adding Timesheet Tab to a Placement Record

This lesson explains how to Add the Timesheet Tab to a Placement Record.

To add the Timesheet Tab into a Placement Record, click into your name at the top, right hand corner of the screen and go to Tools & Settings.  You will then need to click into the 'Layout Designer' quick link box.


  1. In the first section, select the Layout View for where you wish to add the Timesheet Tab View.  (These may vary for different user groups, so you may need to confirm the layout which is relevant to the particular user group).
  2. Then select 'Placement' from the Record Screen dropdown.

Click 'New Tab' from the bottom of the list of Tabs on the left

Enter Timesheets into the Record Tab field and hit Save

Drag and Drop the Timesheet Tab to the position you want to see it in the list and then drag the 'Timesheet' settings block into the Timesheets Tab from the left