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Help Topic: View Timesheets Data in TrackerRMS

This lesson shows you how to View Timesheets Data in TrackerRMS

*There are a few different ways to view a candidate's timesheet data in TrackerRMS*

1. In the Candidate Record

  • Go to their Timesheet section (this is something you can add in Tools & Settings > Layout Designer, if you don't have it yet)
  • Click on 'Open Timesheet'
  • You would then be able to view any relevant timesheet data that the candidate has entered

2. The Date Field Section

  • Within the candidate record you can chose the time period to view the candidate's timesheet data
  • Once you have selected the desired dates, you can view all hours that the candidate logged

3. The Project Itself

  • If you're in the candidate's record you can go ahead and click the link to get to the project 
  • Or you can locate the project from the Project tab under 'Active Projects' or 'Recently Viewed' 
  • Click into the Timesheets & Expense tab within the Projects record
  • Select the date period you would like to view the candidate's timesheet data in

4. All Candidates Section

  • Click on All Candidates
  • Select Timesheets from the available columns
  • Hit Save
  • You will then see a timesheet icon,
  • Which allows you to click and view any candidate's timesheet data

5. Time & Expense Record

  • Click Timesheets under the Time & Expense Record
  • Select the dates in the period section
  • Click on the timesheet icon to view the candidate's timesheet data

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