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Help Topic: Audit History within Tools & Settings

This lesson shows you how to view the Audit History for the system within Tools and Settings. The audit history in Tools & Settings will show activity from the past 180 days.


  1. To view the audit history from your tools and settings you want to make sure you have admin permission settings, or this feature will not be available. Start by click on your name in the top right-hand corner then click on “Tools and Settings.”                 


  1. Next you will want to look on the left-hand side and click on the “Security” tab and then click on “Audit History Viewer” within that tab.


  1. Here this will bring you to the Audit History Viewer page where you can type in the search bar any record in your Tracker system that you want to look for. Make sure you start typing and then select the record from the drop-down menu that appears. After you have clicked on the record you would like to view you now have access to see any activity or history that has been made within this record.

  1. Another tool that you can use on this page is viewing audit history by user. This also is only going to be available if you have admin permission settings as well. Here you can select from the drop-down menu and click on whichever user you would like to view the activities they have done. Note that you are only able to view what they have done today or yesterday when using this tool.