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Help Topic: Accessing your standard GDPR/CCPA form

This lesson explains how to access your standard GDPR/CCPA form.

The GDPR/CCPA Page will differ based on whether your system is hosted in the US or UK environments and your Account Manager will be able to confirm this for you.

  • For the US, the address will be
  • For the UK, the address will be

Note: The clientdatabase will be a unique name given to each client and can be obtained from your Account Manager.


Embedding the GDPR/CCPA Page into your website

If you want to embed the GDPR/CCPA Page into your existing website then you can use an "iframe" to provide a window to the GDPR/CCPA Page into any web page on your site.

An example of this iframe web code would look like this:

<iframe id="iframeTracker" src="" width="100%" height="1000" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>