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Help Topic: Creating Agency/Formatted Resumes

This lesson explains how to create an Agency/Formatted version of a CV/Resume.


  1. First you will click on your name in the top right-hand corner and then go to “Tools and Settings.”


  1. In the tools and settings menu, you are then going to want to click on the customization area on the left-hand side. You will then see “Agency Resume Template” at the top and you will click on that arrow to get to that page.

  1. This page here will give you a listing of all the templates that have been previously created, you can edit them here if you would like. You will also have an area where you can create a brand new one so you can start fresh. With this drop-down menu you can see the ones you have already created, or you can click on the green plus here to create a new one.

  1. Go ahead and start filling out the template pop up window. You came this template whatever name you would like, then choose a folder where you would like this template to sit, and if there is an existing template that you would like to clone you can use the drop-down menu here. After you have decided, go ahead and click save and it will bring you to a new agency resume template screen.


  1. Everyone’s agency resume template will be different and tailored to their specific needs by using the tool bar of the template at the top. To insert an image or logo click on the mountain icon here. Then click on the source button in order to get the media library. Choose the logo and then hit “Ok.”


  1. To adjust the size of the logo, take the corners of the image and to reposition it click on the center align button to put the image in the middle of the page.

  1. Every agency resume template is slightly different, you can add any personalized details you chose. On the left-hand side of the tool bar I am going to hover over the insert tags icon and click there. I am going to CV text, this will allow the candidates resume to auto populate when I choose to use this resume.


  1. Now hit save and this agency resume template is ready to use.