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Help Topic: Longlist Overview

This lesson explains what a Longlist is and how it is used in TrackerRMS. 

  1. A Longlist is a list of names of potential candidates as a result of a high level search. A Recruiter or Sourcer will identify these potential candidates through running either an internal database search or an external job board search and find those who match specific search criteria.


  1. Each job that you have open will be able to host its own long list, therefore, you can have the top of your candidate funnel for each position you are looking to fill.


  1. Open a Job you would like to view the Longlist in. When the job opens, look at the menu bar on the left of the job and click the third option down labeled “Search (Longlist).”


  1. To run a Search, look at the section labeled “Resume Search.” Here, you can enter any key words or phrases you would like to see on the resume. Under “Candidate Search” section, you can enter in any other candidate details.

  1. At the bottom of the “Candidate Search” section, click the purple “Advanced Search” button to enter any additional details and custom fields.

  1. Once you have entered in all necessary criteria, click the green “Run Search” button at the bottom of your “Candidate Search” section. A pop up window will appear with the number of candidates that matched your search. You can either run the search again, by clicking the yellow “Search Again” button on the right or create a Longlist from the candidates that were found by clicking the green “Fetch Longlist” button on the left.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video: