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Help Topic: Importer Overview


Importer Overview

1. Click Into Tools & Settings

  • Select the 'Import New Records' option

  • Before creating your new job import, you will need to download the TrackerRMS proforma sheet for the record you are adding to the database

  • Download the proforma template associated to the records you are importing, and fill out that sheet with the data you would like to have filled in tracker

  • Once you have completed the proforma template, click on create new job import

  • Select the record you are importing to, and upload the completed proforma template by clicking on 'Choose File'

  • Another item to take not of is this question 'How would you like to deal with unmatched records in TrackerRMS?'

  • Make sure you select one of the following options

  • Once you have completed filling out all of the required fields, select Continue and you will have successfully imported your records