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Help Topic: Understanding Auto-Coding

This lesson gives an Understanding of Auto-Coding.

Auto-Coding is how we find specific Keywords or Phrases which your Client has identified as requirements for a specific position.

Unlike Skill Profiling, Keywords need no work from you at the back end of the system.  Auto-coding enables you to search for Keywords and Phrases across all of the CV's in your database and will provide you with a list of results, whether you are in a Job Search, or the All Candidates view.

From within the All Candidates view, you can use the Filter to search against all CV's/Resume's saved against all Candidate Records.  You may add Keywords and Phrases to the fields below and an Advanced Boolean Search is also available.  When you are happy with your Keywords and Phrases, click the 'Go' button to view your results. 

Within a Job Record and the Longlist, you have the same options.  These Words & Phrases will be searched for along with any other criteria you have added.