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Help Topic: TrackerChat

As part of our improved collaboration features we are introducing TrackerChat.

TrackerChat is a fully inbuilt 2-way chat directly within the Tracker platform allowing you to:

  • See who is online within your organization
  • Leave messages (if they are offline)
  • Start an instant chat with anyone online
  • See your chat history
  • Restart an existing chat where you left off
  • Provide instant links within chat messages to any record in Tracker using @mentions

TrackerChat appears as a new icon in the top right icon menu:

The number next to this shows you the number of "open" chats you currently have.


Incoming Chat

When another Tracker user within your organization wishes to chat with you, this icon will flash green and an alert box will appear telling you that "Someone wants to Chat!"

Clicking the chat icon will open the TrackerChat Home where you will see new and existing chats.

Click on the red X to close the chat or the blue arrow to open the chat.  This will take you to the main TrackerChat window where your messages will be displayed:

The green icon next to the other person's name shows you there current "online" status with green meaning they are currently online, and grey meaning they are currently offline.  It will also show you the date and time the chat started.

The 2 buttons allow you to either close this chat, or reload/refresh the chat conversation.


Adding to the Chat Conversation

To add to the chat conversation, type your message in the field provided and click the Send button:

On clicking Send, this will appear in the conversation window below:


Receiving Chat Conversation

As the other user replies, you will be able to see they are typing in the chat window:

As they finish typing, the conversation window will automatically update with their message with the newest chats appearing at the top of the converstion:


Using @mentions to Link to Records

If you want to add a link to a specific record in Tracker to your conversation in order to allow the other user to quickly click and link to it, you can use @mentions.  By typing "@" followed immediately by the name or number of the record, you can select the record to be linked to directly within chat

This will appear as a direct link in the chat message allowing the other user to click on it an open that record immediately:



Starting a Chat

To start your own chat, open the TrackerChat window and click the Start a chat button:

This will show you who is currently online and therfore able to chat, or who is offline and therfore able to take a message:

To either start the chat or leave a message, click the Chat or Message button.


Closing a Chat

When you have finished your chat, click the close chat button to close it (you can always see you chat history later):


Viewing your Chat History

To view your last 25 chats, click the Chat History button:

This will show you who the chat was with, the date and time the chat was started and allow you to open and view, or even restart the chat by clicking the blue arrow next to it.

To return to the TrackerChat home window at any time, click the Chat Home button: