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Help Topic: Placement Lifecycle

Within the Job record, you can now include a new record block within the Layout Designer called Placement Lifecycle.

This presents an overview of the Placements within the Job based on the Lifecycle widgets already available within the Dashboard Gallery and show in one chart the:

  • Quantity of Placements at each stage of the lifecycle with the numbers acheiving each stage clearly visible in each bubble
  • The Velocity of the Placements within the job with each bubble having a timeframe above showing how quickly the Placements have moved on average between each of the lifecycle stages
  • The Quality at each stage in the lifecycle by comparing the number in each bubble to the bubble to it's right to gauge how many moved through each stage

This can be placed anywhere in the Job record using the Layout Designer, typically above the Shortlist as the color of the bubbles also relate to the colors of the Shortlist groups:


There is also a convenient Hide Lifecycle and Show Lifecycle toggle button if you want to show or hide the chart at any time.