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Help Topic: Custom Document Types

Along side our standard system Document Types, you can create Custom Document Types.

Our standard system Document Types are as follows:

Record Type Standard System Document Type
Clients General
Contacts General, Photo
Candidates General, Photo, Resume, Agency Resume
Jobs General, Specification
Assignment General, Specification

Custom Document Types are applied system wide and so will be added to the Documents list on each of the above Record Types.


Adding a Custom Document Type

To add a new Custom Document Type, go to Tools & Settings > Customization > Document Settings where you will see the list of current Document Types:

Adding Types to this list will mean they appear immediately within the Documents lists at record level.


Uploading a Document to a Custom Type

To upload documents against a Custom Document Type, go to the Documents list within the Record first.  Then select the Document Type from the lower Types List.  Uploading one of more documents with this selected will automatically set the Type for you.



Changing the Document Type

To change an existing document to a new Type, select the Document Menu for the file and use the options to select the appropriate type:


Using Document Types to filter the Document List

As with the current Document Folders and Types, you can use either of these to filter the Document List to show only those documents either within a given Folder, of a given Document Type, or combine both to filter documents that are in a folder and of a particular type.