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Help Topic: Version Control (Document History)

Documents can now be version controlled allowing for multiple versions of a single document to be managed from one version to another.

Document History needs to be switched on within Document Settings in order to be activated and provides the following features:

  • Documents edited automatically create a new version, storing all existing versions
  • Only the latest version is displayed in the Documents List for ease of reference
  • The new Version column allows you to view how many versions exist for that document
  • Existing versions can be viewed easily to assess changes made or pervious content
  • You can opt to Rollback to a previous version should you wish to discard changes


Creating a new Version

To create a new version of a document, simply use the Documents Menu and click the Live Edit function.

This will store a version of the current document and open the new version for editing and can be done as many times as required, with the last version of the document being automatically stored in the version history.


Viewing Previous Versions

To see how many versions exist for a document and view them, use the new Version column withing the Documents list:

This will popup a window showing you the previous versions, the dates and times they where controlled and by which user.

Clicking on the File Name of these documents will open the document viewer allowing you to see the content of each version.


Rolling Back to a Previous Version

To roll back to a previous version of a document, click the Version number to display the previous versions available and view each if required to confirm the version to keep. 

Then click the Rollback icon and confirm the roll back action.  This will remove all version down to the version to keep and replace the main document in the list with the selected version.