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Help Topic: Bulk Text Templates

In the same way that you can send multiple personalized email templates, you can also send mutiple personalized text templates.

This will ensure that all templates tags are personalized for each recipient of the text message allowing you to bulk text Contacts or Candidates knowing that each text message will have their details transferred into the Text template.

As with emails, as soon as 2 or more records are selected (of the same record type) to send a text to, we will automatically assume these are to be personalized so that any templates selected will be send individually to each recipient.

This is displayed and confirmed in the text popup window:


Selecting a template will show the templates tags in the body of the text window allowing you to make changes to the other text that will be sent.  Please ensure that the [[tags]] are kept intact as these will be user to personalize each text before sending and therefore should never be changed.


Sending a Bulk Text Template

To send a Text Message to multiple records, select one or more records from the lists and use the Action menu option to Send Text.  This will automatically collect the Cell Phone numbers for the selected record and present the Send a Text popup where you can select a pre-built Text template from the template drop down.

Make any changes required and click the Send button.

This will translate each recipient's text into a personalized version and send to each, logging as an outbound text message in the usual way in the Activities lists for those recipient.




For further guidance, please see the below video: