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Help Topic: Jobs+ Tip Sheet

Jobs+ Best Practice Tip Sheet

The TrackerRMS Jobs+ Offering is a super successful integration! Keep in mind there are some best practices that should be followed in order to keep your jobs and Jobs+ page relevant

  • Jobs should be renewed every 30 days
  • All job renewals should change the title, description, etc
  • Do not let jobs age beyond 30 to 40 days they will drop off all traffic resources
  • Titles should be different one to the next - diversify titles - try not to duplicate titles
  • The description should be 350 to 500 words
  • Ensure the Job Type field is used and consistent through your database
  • Ensure locations are in use. The <city> and <state> fields are mandatory for the Google for Jobs feed and many other (if not all) Job Boards. Please keep in mind that this is true even when it comes to Remote Work. Please choose a city and state to target when it comes to Work from Home opportunities
  • Keep job count as high as possible - The more open jobs you have the better

Traffic can fluctuate at certain times of year - Seasonal variance

Performance and success of your Jobs+ site is down to you maintaining the above checkpoints to get the most out of that site. 

Please reach out direct to our client support team via our in tool Chat or with any specific questions!