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Help Topic: RocketReach in LinkedIn Search

We now have full RocketReach integration (see which provides the ability to search for people across the world using details about their job titles, industries, company profiles, location and more.

To use this feature, you must first obtain a RocketReach license which you can get from the link above.  Once you have a license, go to the Account > API Usage & Settings page to get your RocketReach API Key:


Once you have this API Key, go to My Settings and then PlugIns and switch on the RocketReach plugIn. 

Paste your API Key into the PlugIn and click the Verify with RocketReach button to confirm your plan and credits:


This will activate the RocketReach Search option in a number of places within Tracker, including:

  • In the main Discover menu under RocketReach Search
  • In both Contact and Candidate records as a new RocketReach button above the contact details
  • Within the LinkedIn Search page in the Discover menu


RocketReach in LinkedIn Search

If you are using our LinkedIn Xray Search from the Discover menu, the results can be further enhanced using the RocketReach option.

First, you must have a set of LinkedIn Search results:


If you have RocketReach enabled, you will see the Get Details button on the right allowing you to enrich these results with actual contact details not normally available when the person is outside of your network.

Clicking this button will provide further email (and telephone) information within the result record:


If this option has been used, clicking either the Create Contact or Create Candidate button will present you with the same popup form as the normal RocketReach Search page allowing you to select the most appropriate contact details to use in creating the record: