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Help Topic: Bulk Timesheet Reminders

You can now bulk send email reminders to Candidates for missing timesheets.

The process remains the same in that you can send individual reminders until a Timesheet Reminder email is setup.


Setting up a Timesheet Reminder Email

Go to Tools & Settings > Timesheet & Expense Settings and then down to the Template Settings section.

There is a tab dedicated to the Missing Timesheet Reminder emails:


By setting up this template, the Missing Timesheet page will change from the existing reminder format:


To the new reminder format:


Notably that the purple Reminder button has now disapeared and check boxes have appeared to the left of the rows.


Sending Bulk Reminders

To send reminders in bulk therefore, check the rows to whom you wish to send reminders and select the Email Reminders to Candidates from the Action menu.


You will be asked to confirm the action to Send Reminders after which emails will be sent to each Candidate listed automatically: