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Help Topic: Creating an Extension

Creating an Extension


*Note: If you utilize Timesheets, do not create an extension until all time has been entered with the previous rate.

There are a few different ways to create extensions. 

1. Date Extension - best if you only need to extend the dates and rates stay the same.

  • Click into the project/assignment record
  • Once you’re in the project, click on the task you would like to extend from the Project Candidate Tasks screen

  • Update the date information as necessary


2. Task Rate Extension - best if you need to extend the dates and update rates on all timesheet tasks at the same time.

  • Click into the placement record you need to change the rates and extend the dates for. Click the actions button, and select 'create extension'


  • From here, you will want to select the Task extension option as it will update both the pay/charge rates as well as the dates for all timesheet tasks

  • Select when the extension should start, and put in the new rates below. At this point you can also rename the extended tasks if you'd like.

  • Click Ok to extend the tasks:

  • You will then see a new Extension tasks created with the updates in your project/assignment record with the new rates and dates.

Make sure to save any changes that you make

3. Full Extension - best if you need to extend on a job (and aren't using Tracker timesheets, but simply want to track the extension) and you may need to update the placement details (such as ownership, or fees etc.)

  • This will track the history of your changes for reporting as well.
  • Click into the Placement > Action > Create Extension

  • Next you'll want to select the Full Extension option, as that will allow you to replicate the placement record and update more details than just rates and dates (Ex: Placement Ownership in case that changed, or burden etc.)

  • Select the extension dates & check off "extend tasks which align with current placement end date" if you would like the timesheet task dates to be updated as well: