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Help Topic: Tracker Mail Agents

Tracker has a number of Mail Agents that handle different types of files.

These Mail Agents can be used irrespective of whether the Outlook Addin or GMail Addon is installed to acheive similar results.

These Mail Agents are listed below:

Mail Agent Address

Function Email Report Returned?

The main Mail Agent that will receive emails sent either From you, or To you.  The Mail Agent will look for email addresses in the form "" in the From, To and Cc fields, along with any that appear in the body of the email.

Any email addresses that match either a Contact or Candidate record in Tracker will have a copy of the email added to the Activities list along with any attachments on the email.  Smaller attachments such as signature logos will not be included in the attachments.

If the original date and time of the email are known, the Activity will carry this original date and time so may not appear at the top of the Activities list if the email is some time in the past.

In addition to attaching the email to the person record, if the person record found is also the main contact on either a Lead, Job or Project (and that Lead, Job or Project is open) then a link will also be established to that record in case the email is related.


This performs the same function as the main Mail Agent but without a report being emailed back, so is ideal for auto-journalling emails via Mail Flow rules.


This is the main Resume Parsing Mail Agent, called xTracked.

xTracked will receive emails and process all attachments as resumes, parsing each one and either creating or updating Candidates depending on whether it can match either Email, Cell Phone or LinkedIn Profile addresses with existing records.

xTracked will return a report detailing each document processed and whether the Candidate record was created or updated.

To automatically shortlist Candidates sent to xTracked to a Job, include the Job ID in the subject field.  This must be either the number alone or must have a special character next to the number, e.g. "1234" or "JOB-1234" will work but "JOB1234" will not work.

You can also attribute a Candidate and Placement Source to the parsed candidate by including this in the Subject as long as the Source is one of those already known to Tracker, for example "JOB-1234 Monster" will assign the Candidate to Job ID 1234 and with a source of "Monster" if "Monster" is already a Candidate Source in Tracker.


This is the main Job Specification Parsing Mail Agent, called xSpeced.

xSpeced will receive emails and process all attachments as job specifications, parsing each one and creating Job Records.  If the email address found in the email matches that of an existing Contact record, the Job will be linked to that Contact and Client record.

xSpeced will return a report detailing each document processed.


This is the main Support Mail Agent and will process emails relating to Tickets/Cases in Tracker.  The email's subject must have the "TKT-000000" reference somewhere within it in order to correctly link the email to the correct Ticket/Case.

The email will be added to the Ticket/Case Dialogue Timeline along with any attachments with that email.  This includes any images embedded within the email as these may be screenshots relevant to the Ticket/Case.