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Help Topic: Add California Rules to Timesheets

Add California Rules to Timesheets

1. You will first want to add Double Time as a task to the project you are working on

2. Make sure to add the details needed for the task (Start/End Date)

3. Once you’ve added Double Time, make sure to check it off as a task that time can be booked to in the Placement’s Timesheet tab. You will need to make sure you have Regular, Overtime and Double Time hours added as tasks for your candidates to book time to

4. You will then want to add the ability to book to California Rules in this section

5. Now when the candidate enters their time in the Candidate Portal, you will see that it highlights the first time box in purple to signify California Rules

6. If you click into the purple highlighted box the California Calculator will become available

7. After double checking your logged time, you can click Populate Timesheet to complete the calculation

8. The time calculated for Regular, Overtime and Double Time hours are then listed below