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Help Topic: Creating a new Job with Shifts

Please follow these steps to create a new Job with Shifts

1. Start in the Client or Contact Record

To create a new Shift Job, first start by opening the Client or the Contact record for which the Job relates.  This allows Tracker to obtain and list the following items that will assist in the creation of the new Shift Job:

  • Contacts (if not already selected)
  • Client Locations (to specify the location of the role which is important for the Check In/Out process and informing the Candidate as to the location of the Job)
  • Client Rates (based on the information in the "Special Terms" section of the Client record


2. Create the Job

From the Client or Contact record, click the "magic wand" at the top of the page and then the "New Job" button:


3. Create the Shift

If you have the Shift Management feature enabled, you will see the Shift button at the bottom of the "New Job" popup which will toggle the Job creation between a Shift and a normal Job (e.g. Perm or Contract):


4. Complete the Shift Form

The form will change to the Shift form allowing you to enter all the details required for the Shift:

Please complete the fields as follows.

All fields are important as they will be used to both filter and find Candidates, and used in presenting the information to the Candidate via the App



Job Name

The name of the Job as it will appear in both the Planner and on the App

Job Type

Temporary (or its equivalent)

Main Contact

The main contact for the new Job and who will see both the Roster on the Client Portal and Timesheets


IMPORTANT field containing the location of the Job and will be used to show the map location on the App

Shift Times

The time the shift is due to start and finish and will be used 

Billable Hours

The total billable hours (excluding breaks) that will be used in auto-populating the timesheet once the Candidate checks out using the App

Number of Roles

The number of positions or roles required in each shift, for example 5 Waiters = 5

Job Starts On

The first day that the Job starts and therefore the first day on the Shift Planner

Job End On

The last day that the Job finishes and therefor the last day on the Shift Planner

Days of Week

The days of the week for which the Shifts apply, for example a 4 week Shift Job with only Friday, Saturday and Sunday selected will create 4 weeks' of shifts with only those days required to be filled

Pay Per

The periodicity of the payments, for example Hour or Day

Pay Rate

The rate of pay for the Shift which is used for billing but also in the advertising of the Job on the App

Charge Rate

The rate of billing for the Shift which is used for billing against timesheet submitted


5. Optionally Auto-Assign & Confirm Candidate

If you already know the Candidate who will be assigned to the Shift and wish to auto-assign and confirm this with the creation of the Shift, type to filter and select the Candidate from the list and they will appear against the Shifts when created.


6. Optionally Match People

If you want to define the skills required when filtering Candidates in the Shift Planner then these can be defined in the "Match People" section by selecting the appropriate skills.  These skills will be auto-selected as filters in the Shift Planner whenever a Shift within the Job is selected for processing.


7. Optionally Define Candidate "Pools"

If you want to instantly advertise the Shift with specific Candidates, you can select one or more "Pools" (Send Lists) from the Pools field.  This will make thees Shifts visible in the Candidate App via the "Open Shifts" section:

For Candidates in these Pools (in this example the My Best Chefs pool, they will see these via the App as follows, and can request these Shifts directly from the App (see the App course for more information):


8. Confirm the Job

Once all the relevant information has been entered, there are 3 main "Ok" options available to you:

  • Ok and Add Another - will commit this Shift Job to Tracker but keep the form on the screen so useful for adding more Shift Jobs for the same client and with similar details to the current Shift Job
  • Ok - will commit the job to Tracker and close the "New Job" form keeping you on the page you are currently viewing
  • Ok and Planner - will commit the Job to Tracker and take you directly to the Shift Planner page, filtering the Planner to this Job so that you can conitnue to work on filling the Shifts with Candidates or Advertising it.