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Help Topic: Generating Shifts for an existing Job

To Generate Shifts from a Job that already exists as a Temporary (or equivalent) Job, follow these steps:


1. Open the Job records

Open the Job to which you want to generate new Shifts and go to the Job Dates section.  Here you will find a button called "Generate Shifts":


2. Generate Shifts

Clicking the "Generate Shifts" button will popup a window that looks similar to that of the New Shift Job popup and will ask you to confirm the key details required for the newly generated Shifts:




Start Time (to)

The time the shift is due to start and finish and will be used 

Billable Hours

The total billable hours (excluding breaks) that will be used in auto-populating the timesheet once the Candidate checks out using the App

Number of Positions

The number of positions or roles required in each shift, for example 5 Waiters = 5

Start Date

The first day that the Job starts and therefore the first day on the Shift Planner

End Date

The last day that the Job finishes and therefor the last day on the Shift Planner

Days of Week

The days of the week for which the Shifts apply, for example a 4 week Shift Job with only Friday, Saturday and Sunday selected will create 4 weeks' of shifts with only those days required to be filled

Charge Rate

The rate of billing for the Shift which is used for billing against timesheet submitted


3. Click "Generate"

To confirm the details, click the "Generate" button to create the Shifts.  This will automatically adjust the Start/End Dates, Start/End Times, the billable hours (used by default for any new placement records) and the Number of Positions in the Job record.

The Job record will refresh and the "Generate Shifts" button will instead be replaced with the "View Job in Shift Planner" button as well as the "Extend Shifts for this Job" button which allows you to repeat the steps above to alter the dates and defaults for the Job's Shifts.  Note that existing Shifts will not be removed or changed as a result of extending shifts.