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Help Topic: Messages

You can send messages to both one Candidate, or bulk send emails to many Candidates at the same time wherever you see the blue message icon:

These can be found on both the Shift Planner and Shift Dasboards.


Shift Planner

On the Shift Planner, ticking Candidates in the list provide the ability to send a Message via the App.  Ideal for advertsing Jobs to Candidates in person:


Shift Dashboard

Sending Messages can be done from the Action menu (when selecting one or more Candidates in the list), the message icon to the right of each line in the dashboard, or the message icon in the top right of the inbound message panel on the right side of the page:


Messages are in text format and the history of the conversation can be clearly seen in the message popup:


Messages on the App

When Candidates open the "Messages" page on the App, they can see the messages sent and received: