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Help Topic: Creating a Custom Form Pack

Custom Form Packs allow you to create a collection of:

  • Custom Forms (template based forms filled in for read only access as a Pdf)
  • Custom Web Forms (online forms for sending and collecting all manner of data including text, files, signatures for updating data in Tracker automatically)

Custom Form Packs are setup in Tools & Settings > Customization > Custom Form Packs and is controlled in the User Group settings along with the other Tools and Settings in Tracker:


Add a new Custom Form Pack using the [+] button and specifiy the name for the Pack, the Association (which will provide a list of associated forms in the next step) and if you have a similar Pack already created, you can choose to clone and existing Pack:


Once created you will be able to add existing Custom Forms or Custom Web Forms to the Pack using the [+ Add Form] button.  These can be rearranged using the sort icon to the left once they are in the Custom Pack Forms list:


You can update or delete Custom Form Packs from this page also using the Edit and Delete buttons next to the Custom Form Pack drop down list.