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Help Topic: Signing Custom Form Pack Forms

For recipients to complete the Custom Form Pack, they simply click the link in the email sent (see previous Course).

This will take them to the Custom Form Packs main page which will be branded with your own logo (the Tracker logo is below for demostration only):


Each of the forms in the Pack are clearly displayed with buttons to open each form and complete.

On submitting each form, the recipient will be returned to this main Pack page showing the status of the Form completed:


As each individual form is completed, the alerts to the sending or quaranteen delegate will be notified in the normal way.  Custom Web Forms will update the data in realtime as each form in completed ensuring that the data is updated between each form as required.  For example, if a Candidate completes core registration contact information on the first form, this data will have been updated and displayed on subsequent forms that refer to that data.