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Help Topic: Merge Jobs

You can merge 2 Jobs using the bulk Action menu on the main Job list.

You can only merge Job records that have not already been converted to Assignments as this will affect many of the Back Office aspects.


On merging, you will be asked to confirm the main Job to merge to from a drop down list:


None of the key record details will change and the selected Job will become the main record, with the unselected record(s) being deleted.

The action of merging will combine all related information to the main selected job, including:

  • Activities
  • Alerts
  • Custom Fields
  • Document Folders and Documents
  • Invoices
  • Leads linked
  • Notes
  • Audit History
  • Job Board Results
  • Candidate Pools (Shifts)
  • Target Lists
  • Shifts
  • Status History (Lifecycle)
  • Orders (Products & Services)
  • Long List Filters
  • Shortlisted Candidates 
  • Placements
  • Long List Results