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Help Topic: Do Not Use Candidates

We have introduced a new Candidates Status "State" now providing the following "States":

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Do Not Use


You can have as many "Statuses" against these "States" as you wish and each will have an affect on what Tracker does with Candidates in these states.

To set up a new "Do Not Use" based status, go to Tools & Settings > Candidate Settings > Candidate Statuses

For example you could have a new Status called "Do Not Appoach" which is assigned to the State of "Do Not Use":


These states have the following affect in Tracker:


Candidates are considered fully active and searchable

They will appear by default in all Long List searches


Candidates are visible on the system but not considered fully active (e.g. recently placed or on long term leave)

They will not appear by default in Long Lists searches but can optionally be included in searches

Do Not Use

Candidates are visible on the system but not considered active or suitable for placements

They will never appear in Long List searches, Shift Planner results or the Quick Pick drop down


If a Candidate is already on a Shortlist and subsequently set to any "Do Not Use" status, they will appear as follows in the Shortlist to alert the Job Owner to the fact: