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Help Topic: Watchdogs in Action

Make sure to check this article out on how to setup watchdogs before attempting to run a search:


  • A user can have up to 10 watchdogs continuously running at once
  • Watchdogs can be run within the Longlist of a specific job, or within the "Job Board Search" section of your Discover tab. Running a search generally in this section is a huge benefit if you're constantly filling the same types of jobs in a specific sector (ie. marketing)
  • Any searches running will have a small dog next to them, and an email will arrive every day so the user who set it up knows that the search is live
  • You can also setup auto-engagement emails so any new candidates added to your database can automatically receive a message before you've even logged in for the day
  • Watchdogs will bring in the top 5 candidates from all job boards (not each) into Tracker - though the email alert you receive will provide more than 5 results
  • Here's an example of what the results/email will look like: