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Help Topic: Document Settings

This lesson explains the settings for your Documents in TrackerRMS


General Settings

If you wish to edit Documents using the Live Edit function, please select 'Enabled' from this dropdown.  This will allow you to open a document from within a record, (to Word for example) edit the document accordingly, then hit 'Save' and it will save straight back to the record, rather than having to delete the old version, save the new one to your desktop and upload again. 

If you do not want this option, select 'Disabled' from the dropdown.

Document History

Documents can now be version controlled allowing for multiple versions of a single document to be managed from one version to another.  View this Help file for more information on Document Hisotry and Version  Control:


Auto-Attach Interview iCal

If you would like your recipient to receive a Calendar invite automatically when you send a meeting invite over by email, you can select 'Yes' from this dropdown, but if you would rather add this manually per email, please select 'No'.



To add a new folder to add Documents to, within a specific record, you can add them in this section.  You will need to select an association (so the type of record you want to see the folder in) and add a folder name.  The folder will only become visible when you next create that type of record (association) and WILL NOT back date, so will not be available at records which precede the date you created the new folder.

Click on a row to edit or delete and use the appropriate button to the right of the box, or hit the green 'New' button to add an additional Folder.


Tracker has standard Document Types of Resume, General and Agency Resume. If your company would like to add other custom document types, you can do that in this section. *Please keep in mind you cannot add any of our standard document types as a Custom Document Type.*

The document types you enter, will be available in all records and you can label each document accordingly.