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Help Topic: Posting to Job Boards

This lesson explains how to Post Jobs to Multiple Job Boards.

Posting to Job Boards

To post a job, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open the Job and go to the Publish tab 
  2. Ensure that as many fields as possible are populated as this will save you having to re-type these later
  3. If any changes are made, ensure you click Save Only to commit these changes to Tracker before posting the Job
  4. Click Post Job from the Publish page


You will be asked to confirm the Job Board User to post from, in case you are posting on behalf of a colleage, and click Post


Once you have selected your job boards, you will begin to see applicants apply,  and you will receive alerts automatically


To view and process these Applicants, open the Job and go to the Applicants list that you added in the Layout Designer


Click on the Applicants' name to view the resume submitted during application

Use the  Shortlist, Long List or just Keep the candidate, or use Send Email to send an email (candidate will not be added to TrackerRMS)

The yellow link button will appear next to the Candidate's name if TrackerRMS believes it may already have Candidate and click this button will display the TrackerRMS record found to confirm.

To repost a position to your job boards, click edit/repost and follow the same steps you took when first posting the position.



If you would like to remove the job from certain job boards, or all job boards, click View Posts.